Create an experience they won’t forget.

Automate ticketing sales and guestlist management. Engage attendees at every touch-point.

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The problem

Event planning gets really messy.

It’s hard, time-consuming, detailed work. Juggling multiple projects at the same time without dropping the ball on any of them.

The solution

A complete, real-time, bird’s-eye view

Easy to use database management tools to keep track of guests across multiple events. Capture marketing insight, engage your attendees, sell more tickets.

Embeddable Widget

Complete the sales process right on your site.

Online Payments

Processed securely, locally and internationally.


Attendees receive their tickets via email with option to print.

Barcode Scanning

Quickly scan attendees at the door with smart phones. Avoid long lines.

Custom Event Pages

Don’t have an event page? Create a beautiful one on Tixy.

Smart Database

Stored securely. Collect & search for data on your guests. Market better for future events.